The Choccie Bar Menu

Dark Praline Macadamia Caramel Hazelnut Caramel Pistachio Cafe Latte

A smooth nutty praline enveloped in dark chocolate 

White chocolate containing a light caramel surrounding a macadamia 


Whole hazelnut in milk chocolate 


 A stunning ganache in smooth milk chocolate


 Classic Cafe au lait chocolate



Butter Truffle


Nut Log


Salted Caramel


Smooth Caramel



A rich, creamy scrummy butter truffle in milk chocolate 

 Rich milk chocolate with almond


 White chocolate encases our creamy salted caramel


 Milk chocolate with soft caramel


A shape little number. Fresh blackcurrent blends into a ganache and matched with velvety white chocolate



Raspberry Crumble


Strawberry Creme


Dark Strawberry 


Apple and Blackberry 


Peaches and Cream

 Raspberry and cream crumble into a caramel ganache in milk chocolate


Scrummy strawberry caramel encapsulated in rich milk chocolate 


 Fresh strawberry with a cream and chocolate centre poured into a dark coat


Dark chocolate with a fresh apple and blackberry creme 


 Fresh peaches with cream in a milk case



Dark Peach


Bengal Naga Strawberry Chilli


Ginger Spice


Cool Coconut


Orange Creme

 Peaches and cream ganache in dark chocolate


 Strawberry Chilli Chocolate


 A rush of ginger with soft honey and citrus tones


 With subtle hints of lemongrass and cardamom


Tangy orange creme in dark chocolate 



Lemon Grass


Minted Apple


Light Lime


Dark Lime


Lime and Ginger

 A spicy lemon centre in rich dark couverture

 Fresh mint and apple in dark chocolate


A lime caramel in white chocolate 


 Velvety dark chocolate with soft lime centre


Choccie Bar classic lime with a little added ginger, in dark chocolate 





Mango Cream

 Mango, pinapple and a hint of coconut - in rich dark chocolate

 A fresh mango ganache in milk chocolate