Master Class Plus

A newly established class for slightly more experienced bakers and and chocolatiers.

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Newly established for those who wish to learn a little more about chocolate as an art form we have our new Master Class Plus.

Who Should Attend?

This is for people who have worked with chocolate before, ideally taken the Choccie Bar Masterclass and has an understanding of tempering and some rudimentary chocolate knowledge.

What Will I do?

On this course you'll be working on a showpiece of your own design - ideall for bakers who want to use chocolate as a medium for decor and great for anyone who enjoys being wildly creative!

What Will I need?

A day and lots of enthusiasm! Beyond asking you to ensure your hair is either plaited, bunned or covered, we provide apron, tools and lunch.

How long is it?

The process can take a while so we begin at 11am (usually with hot choccie and pastries) and work through until around 4-5pm.

What does it cost?

£125 per person.